Organizing and planning events

Organizing any type of event requires hard work. It has to be done in the most efficient and qualitative way to make sure that the end result will be what the client expected and he will be satisfied. Behind a well-organized event are most often people who are specialists in the industry, have serious experience and have proven over time that they can be trusted to get this type of work done professionally.
We at Smile Agency, after years of experience, have skillfully managed to combine the basic principles that are necessary to deliver a successful event.

These rules include: preparing a budget, working together with trusted partners, developing an appropriate logical network of activities, a detailed checklist, a timeline for each activity, an expert team to moderate the event, a distinctive concept and vision for the event theme, and more.
If you want to organize an event that is specialized, we can offer: Appropriate hosts, technical equipment, sound system, venue suggestions, creation of a specialized social media profile or event page, music program, catering, branding of any materials, DJ, branded giveaways for guests, decorations and arrangements, promotional materials, photographer, hostesses, and a wide range of other services that will be needed to make your event run smoothly.

The main tasks of each organizer are:

– Setting the main objectives

When planning and organizing an event, one of the most important things is to follow a clear and specific goal. Every event, no matter what the theme, requires precise timings to be set initially to accomplish the set tasks. Good time management requires setting clear timelines for finding subcontractors, hiring a hall, venue, setting a specific date and more.

– Suitable venue for the event

Choosing a venue should not be underestimated, and it is good to consider a few essential things – size of the venue should be suitable for the number of guests, convenient location, pleasant ambience, availability of ample parking space and many more.

– Service providers

Regardless of what type of event it is, it is mandatory for an organiser to consider that they will need to work with a number of suppliers during the process. The activities and services that will be needed are lighting, sound, hosts, musical performers, DJ and absolutely everything related to the organization. An individual meeting should be made with each supplier to work out the details and set specific goals. It should then be followed up to ensure that all vendors will complete their tasks efficiently, which includes meeting the set deadlines and adhering to their submitted budget. This is of great importance for the final result.

– Finance

Organising an event with an unlimited budget provides many options, but when we have a certain amount we need to fit into we need to consider and research the market thoroughly to find the best and most cost effective services that will be able to fit into the budget submitted by the client.

– Marketing and communication

Through communication channels, we provide event organizers with the opportunity to make direct contact with their clients or guests. Today’s channels include direct mail, social media and digital marketing.

– The risks an organiser should be able to take

There are many risks that will need to be taken when planning, organising and managing an event. We need to be prepared that misunderstandings may arise in some of the elements along the organizing and we need to know how to deal with it and be able to work it out in the best possible way, even if it means that we will take different risks.

At Smile Agency we organise events all over the country and abroad, no matter what their nature. They can be corporate, company, Christmas and more. We offer our partners a wide range of options regarding the type of event – conferences, seminars, congresses, official ceremonies, press conferences, campaigns and more.

You can also take a look at photos from the recent events we organized in September for our long-standing clients from City Cash and Flex Credit Romania.

If you also need assistance for an unforgettable experience and organizing your dream event, contact us!